Security Consulting Services

We are a leading private security company that provides security consulting services in high-risk, conflict-affected regions. Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals come from diverse backgrounds, including military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies.
This extensive knowledge base and our commitment to delivering personalised, effective, and innovative security solutions position us as the go-to company for safeguarding valuable assets and maintaining operational continuity in challenging environments.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

One critical factor that sets us apart from its competitors is our in-depth understanding of the unique cultural, social, and geopolitical contexts in which we operate. Our local experts work closely with clients to ensure the seamless integration of security strategies with their daily operations. Additionally, we are committed to adhering to international best practices and standards, ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations while maintaining the highest ethical standards in our engagements.

Proactive security management

Our proactive approach to security management allows our clients to focus on their core business objectives with peace of mind. We leverage state-of-the-art technology, advanced intelligence gathering, and comprehensive risk assessment methodologies to anticipate and mitigate potential threats. Our holistic approach to security consulting ensures that our clients receive customised, cost-effective solutions that address their specific needs and concerns.

Security Consulting Services

Security Consulting

Security Organisation Assessment

MCG thoroughly evaluates a client's existing security organisation and infrastructure. We identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, providing a comprehensive understanding of their security posture and recommendations for enhancing effectiveness and efficiency.
Security Consulting

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Our team of experts performs detailed threat and vulnerability assessments, identifying potential risks and weaknesses in clients' security systems. We analyse various aspects, including physical, technological, and human factors, to provide actionable recommendations to address identified vulnerabilities and reduce exposure to threats.
Security Consulting

Security Risk Assessments

MCG performs in-depth security risk assessments that evaluate the likelihood and impact of various threats to a client's assets and operations. This process includes prioritising risks and providing tailored mitigation strategies to enhance overall security and reduce potential harm.
Security Consulting

Security Audits

MCG offers comprehensive security audits that scrutinise a client's security policies, procedures, and controls. Our expert team assesses compliance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements, providing recommendations to improve security performance and minimise potential liabilities.
Security Consulting

Development of Security Policies and Procedures

MCG excels in developing customised security policies and procedures that align with clients' unique operational contexts and requirements. We work closely with clients to ensure these policies are effective, scalable, and sustainable while providing training and support to facilitate their implementation and adherence.

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